Student Health Insurance

Due to the continuing need for all students to have adequate health care coverage, Mercer University requires students enrolled in 3 or more hours on the Macon, Atlanta, Law, Medical, Savannah and Columbus campuses to provide proof of health insurance coverage each semester. 

Exceptions to the Health Insurance Requirement:

  • Students enrolled within the Regional Academic Centers are not subject to the requirement;
  • All International students must carry active health insurance regardless of hours enrolled or campus attended

Mercer University student health insurance is provided by CORE Management.

For information on the Mercer sponsored student health insurance plan, visit the Summary of Benefits.

Those who do not wish to purchase the school policy must provide proof of coverage by completing an online insurance waiver at the CORE Management website by the published deadline.

FOR INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT THE WAIVER PROCESS, visit the Bursar Office's website. On that page, you will find questions most asked about student health insurance.

Students with Mercer’s Student Health Insurance

Campus Health is considered the primary healthcare provider for students who have the school insurance. Students who have this insurance should contact Campus Health if appointments or referrals are needed prior to seeking other medical attention unless after hours or in cases of emergency.